The Beginning Of The End...

When most people begin life at 19.. Mine changed drastically. I was in a motor vehicle accident and instantly things went down hill. I had injured my jaw, was unable to chew for 2 years. Liquids and soft food only. I has torn the muscle and tissue in my neck back and shoulders and also torn ligaments and sprained the joint in my shoulder. Being in extreme Pain put life on hold. After treatment and rehabilitation returned to life with limitations. Every day hoping things would change. Going from doctor to doctor pill to pull. Dead end after dead end. All that was changing was my ability to do less and less. After more treatments some resulting in weeks off of work, harsh side effects and in turn no positive results it had become reality that it was chronic. I had developed a major sensitivity to touch, and an onset severe low back problem. Later finding out after injections and hospital visits and scans was a result of a disk rupture causing pressure on my major nerve In my low back. All a result of my accident. It's been 4 years I'm now completely off of work unable to live my passion as a hair stylist, putting goals on hold. Having constant pain effect my every day life, relationships and emotions. The hardest part of this whole siuation isint the pain it's self, but the fact that nobody understands, pain is invisible. And unless you feel it you don't know. I told my self I wouldnt let my self be disabled! I pushed my self to gain enough tolerance to at least work even I'd it hurt, and was all I could do. I had given up so much I just couldn't give up my dreams. But thinking I'm invisible has taken it away .
Ewalkerc Ewalkerc
22-25, F
Mar 14, 2012