Pain Pain Go Away, Don't Come Back Another Day. Pain Pain Go Away , Of You Won't Help Me Deal With You Some Other Ways...

I have been suffering from chronic pain for 4 years. About a year and a half after my accident I was referred to a doctor at the center for pain management in the city. After seein many doctors that had me try many things, I was anxious to see some one who specialized in chronic pain in hopes that he could help me in ways that the others couldn't. I've seen him almost every few weeks for the last 3 years, and I can honestly say he has taught me nothing. He never has any answers, advice, or any pain management techniques. He has put me on several heavy narcotics, given me many painful injections, and often times is unclean while practicing. He sits on his phone , leaned back in his chair, coat on, doesn't look at me, asks a few questions plugs me with needles, tells me there's nothin that can be done and sends me on my way. He never considered how dangerous the combinations of narcotics he prescribes me, and just doesn't seem to care. For some one that lives their life with crippeling chronic pain, it's disheartening to have experiences like this. After moving to a small town almost two years ago, I have traveled back an forth unaffordabley to see this man, who never helps me . After a few pain chrisis ending up in emergency, I was lucky enough to end up with a doctor who cares. She is just a GP but got me on a waiting list for the chronic pain clinic here in town. In order to get into the clinic, you must attend a chronic pain seminar at the hospital, which I did this week. I sat a a table with others who suffer similar to me, and learned a few things that made me feel a little less misunderstood and cared for. I now have an appointment to be assessed and assisted by 4 different specialists, who hopefully can help me. It's scary starting with new people, but I just hope it helps! I'd like to share a few things about what I learned, that may help others feel a little more understood about the chronic pain they suffer from.

- chronic pain is pain that lasts for more than 6 months typically.
- there is no cure for chronic pain
-no pain medication can take away chronic pain completely, they can only help take the edge off the pain.
- chronic pain usually effects your life not only physically but mentally and emotionally.
- many people with chronic pain experience the boom or bust effect, meaning you aren't up to doing chores, or much of any thing for some times days on end, and then you wake up one day , push your self to do every thing at once, and then crash painfully. (totally me)
-people with chronic pain have a very hard time focusing on any thig but how much the pain hurts as how Much it effects their life.
-people with chronic pain often have short term memory loss ,and trouble concentrating because when you have chronic pain te neurons in your brain function completely differently compare to those who do not suffer from pain.
-chronic pain severely disrupts your sleep, and leaves you fatigued with little to no energy.
-when you have chronic pain you become very sensitive to many things because your body is always alert. Similar to a motion sensor, that detects movement within a certain distance and sets off an alarm. This is what your body does, it is easily alarmed, and the worse the pain gets the more sensitive the radar.
-many people who have chronic pain loose a sense of them selves, they care less about things they once cared about and begin to isolate them selves from social activities, friends , family, and partners.
-people experience the inability to commit as well because your pain is often unpredictable, you don't know when your pain will be a 5 or a 10. So you dont commit to people or activities
-many people with chronic pain experience depression, anxiety, worry, an anger. Which do make the pain worse.
- chronic pain sufferers and vegetables alike, there are things that you can do to improve your quality of life.
-focusing on your pain can make it worse.
-focusing on gettig rid of your pain , and failing to have it go away can cause you to feel hopeless an helpless.
- people who do not suffer do not understand! It is very important to find some one you can talk to when ever you need them who understands what you feel!
-aparently when you accept your pain, you can have lower pain levels , less anxiety, less depression, become more active, return to work, and feel less disabled. But the way I see it.. Accepting your an alcoholic doesn't make you any less of an alcoholic.. So this in my opinion is BS..
-pain is an alarm system, and your nervous system becomes sensitized to pain over time and takes very little to wind up, but the nervous system can be trained to wind down...
-when you have chronic pain, in my case narcotic pain reliever are necessary. How ever. Short acting pain relies that work well for an hour or two and then stop, can lead to a pain crisis, because your sending your pain from a high to a low to a high and it can be very painful and scary coming down. The best pain medications are Long acting pain relievers because the controll pain in yor system for usually 12 hour periods . They don't work as well, but you don't have the pain roller coaster.
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Chronic pain is unbearable for me if my friend does not recommend me thebaydoctor. After consulting him I am feeling relief on my pain.

good read, I hate you have so much pain, but it helps to let it out on here at least for me. Support from strangers that really understand.