Some More Things To Share

Myth- medical science can cure just about any type of pain!
Fact- most times chronic pain cannot be cured.

Myth-if there is no known physical cause and all tests are negative then it must be all in your head!
Fact- it I often the case that chronic pain will not show up on tests. But! The pain is real even though it cannot be seen

Myth- people who look good, must not actually have pain!
Fact- this is my favorite! Just cause you don't have a neck brace or get wheeled around like Hannibal lector, doesn't mean you don't have pain.. There is often no sign physically that a person is in pain.

Myth- chronic pain just means your sore..
Fact- chronic pain negatively impacts work, relationships, mood, sexual intimacy, sleep, hobbies and interests, self esteem, future goals.

Myth- people who have chronic pain and are not positive people create depression, and they choose to be disabled
Fact- at the beginning stage of pain, it often Turns into ongoin pain, limits your activities, causes weak tight muscles, decreases your ability to be physically active, causes you to withdrawl from social activities and then causes anger and depression. Whether the sun shines out of Your ******* or not this can and most likely will happen to any one.

Myth- people use chronic pain to get attention
Fact- disability caused by chronic pain is real and can lead to isolation. Trust me I wouldn't want this type of illness to get attention.. I'd rather get attention from doing the thing I used to be able to do.. No ones paying attention to me on my couch.. News flash

Myth- if you take pain meds you will be come an addict
Fact- like heart medication, it levels things out in your body. Pain meds level out your pain. Addicts take lethal doses of pain meds and abuse them, this doesn't happen to people who take medication as directed .

Myth- its been so long. Your still in pain??
Fact- although you have "healed" pain can still continue.

Myth- people with chronic pain must not have tried every thing to get rid of it.
Fact- **** you and your opinion! :)
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this was a really good read, thanks, the pain takes your life away what can you do?

That's a he'll of a lot of font for the sky lol... Although maybe then people would get a clue