Horrible Nights Sleep

I have fybromialgia and haven't been sleeping well at all these last few months. Its weird because after work Im so tired and Im able to fall asleep the first time but the problem is staying asleep. I go to bed around 9 to 10 pm and i have to be up at 8am. So here is how it goes, i take a sleeping pill at 8 pm fall asleep at 9pm sleep great until 11pm stay up for a bit lay on a heating pad which relieves my pain some and i fall back to sleep at 12 but then guess what im awake yet again at 1 or 2 am depending and i use the heating pad again to relieve my pain then i take a pain pill but i wake up around 5 or 6 am im restless, stiff and realy sore so i take a muscle relaxer at that point i usualy sleep through my alarms till 9am then it takes me almost an hour to pull my self out of bed and get up. So normaly im anywhere from 30 mins to 2 hours late for work there are only a few times i have actualy been on time or early. Ive been trying not to take as many pain pills throught the day and suffer as much as i can till i cant handle it any more then i take one my girlfriend says i take to many so ive been cutting down a bit. But what i cant grasp is no matter what i take no matter what the doctor gives me i just cant sleep well and the days i do sleep throught the night i feel as if i only slept and hour or so. Its very frustrating and has been taking its toll on me its threatening my job which i can not afford to lose over this!
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1 Response May 9, 2012

Well this was like looking at my experiences in the mirror... For one.. When your in pain ESP with fybromyalgia you have trigger points and multiple sensitivities , painful ones. Stayin in one spot for any length of time sets off your brains radar and says " ok time to wake you up and move" get comfortable pass back out, repeat the process! Chronic pain changes how the nurons in your brain work. It changed your sleep so that you can be incredibly tired , go to bed and not sleep well at all. (happens to me all of the time) it takes hours to get a decent amount of sleep, and then you wake up and you feel like you have already ran a marathon before you even start your day. Tired and sore! It sucks! In the past I've tried pills that knock you out for 15 hours straight. But working, you can't do that, it leaves you too groggy. The ****** thing is any pain relievers that work well, you can't function. So you have to suffer. I got to a point where I couldnt work any more after four years of pressing through the pain. Forcing my self not to give up. I had to... I ended up in the hospital. My body said **** you! I'm done . Sad chronic pain is sad!