The 'ol Lady Wants To Go Fishing

You know it bad when your girlfriend wants to go fishing but you cant because you know as soon as u hit the water your pain is going to escalate. God i want to go soooooo bad i almost want to tuff it out and deal with the pain but then my better judgment kicks in and tell me its not a good idea. Hopefully my body will stop hurting as bad soon so i can just go. This chronic fibro pain is realy making me so angry sometimes i wish i could pay a doctor to do surgery and remove all the nerves in my body so i can return to some fun hobbys i used to have back in the good days
Samuel23 Samuel23
18-21, M
2 Responses May 9, 2012

Fibro sucks

I hope you are feeling better

I AM!!!Rough morning but im fellin good today thank god!!! Im going to try and go today

I am so glad your having a good day, hope you don't over do it. Good luck and God bless, here if you need support