The Marathon

Looking back through the years of her life, every joyful passion ripped merciously from her leaving pain in their presence. How could it be possible that every thing that once meant something is gone. The sun set and never rose again, her pain keeping her in the dark. Every moment that meant happiness, torn ruthlessly apart. Spending her days aching from the inside out, sadness, hopelessness, helplessness, occupies her mind. Agony, distress and discomfort , throb and gnaw at her body, torturing her relentlessly. Each day like a marathon beginning immediately after a marathon already finished, the finish line becoming further and further from reach, endless defeat. shackled limbs dragging dead weight, not a voice in the crowd to utter a cheer, with each step forward the intensity of her pain climbs within, others racing past with ease. The dust of her competitors , disappears on her cheeks as tears wash it away.  

She longs for understanding, not sympathy but empathy. A person who not knows as well as she but feels as she. She awaits relief, but to her dismay her injuries take no prisoner. Memories of happiness flood through her mind, but reality pulls her away from the comfort of those thoughts, and drags her wailing and screaming in protest back to a harsh reality. Why has she been dealt a hand such as this? When others have it all at their fingertips, a girl who dreams and doesn't stop dreaming even after their shattered before her eyes, what has she done to deserve such a life? It doesn't seem fair, screaming for help she's down on her knees, no body hears her cry, 
Ewalkerc Ewalkerc
22-25, F
1 Response May 11, 2012

God hears our pleas. He has given me a sweet peace and I pray you find this same sweet peace in the storm of life we are forced into. I can feel your pain, as I feel the same. I wish I could find away to send comfort your way. God bless you dear one.