Cheat On Me Pain.

I look in the mirror and see my years creeping. I notice my facial expression as if I was upset. I'm not mad at all I'm just in pain. There is so much of it and so little of them who understand. When I lie down I want to stay there; in bed never to get up again. I still laugh and I still do the things I need to do. I never quit because I just have no time to quit. If I did nothing would get done. But I am tired, I am so tired and I hurt all over. Am I depressed, no! But I will be soon if I don't find a way to manage this. I have been diagnosed with he following: Fibromyalgia, cervical stenosis, herniated disk which ultimately caused me to have to have cervical surgery a year ago.

I live with pain but try so hard not to let it get to me. I have gained weight which makes me have more pain. The thing is that I am so frustated because people just don't get it. My pain is real, and still I feel I need to apologize when I want to rest. I work hard outside the home and even more inside the home. You know what that's like right? You have a day off but all the laundry needs to get done, and the cleaning, and the cooking, and so on. then night time comes and you now have to get in the mood. Oh my..... pain... please cheat on me and leave me. I won't mind.

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46-50, F
1 Response May 14, 2012

so sorry you have so much pain, but i am glad that you are able to push through t go on with life. I was carried from my job, let go because of this pain. I fought it for years until now can barley move, now can't walk. I was once strong but it has all gone, I am inspired from your story, good luck and God bless

I am so sorry. It is truly a hard to deal with but try hard to to comfort yourself. Sometimes we just have to try one thing after the other until we can find the right one. Meditation helps a lot.

I shall try, and I hope that you are also trying. I go for for a shot in the spine next week hoping I am one of the lucky few that they help. have a good day.