Sometimes I Get Used To It, Sometimes Not

I was diagnosed with scoliosis at 11 yrs old. Tried the brace but it didn't do anything. Except make an already incredibly socially awkward girl feel even more self conscious. I could have had the surgery since my curve was borderline between moderate and severe, but opted not to. Mainly cause when it was offered I was a young teen. I was much more worried about the scars than the long term effects of leaving things be.

My spine is not only curved, but twisted. My hips and legs are uneven. I have a hump on my back under my shoulder blade on my left side. People notice sometimes and I shrug it off. There's nothing I can do. It's my body. I've had back pain since I was a child and have been in and out of physical therapy often. Having kids was challenging. Back pain has been my worst symptom, as I was told it would be. Far worse than the normal back pain others have. I am currently 30 weeks along with my third, and last, baby. I have never been in so much pain before in my life. The past ten weeks have been hell and it just keeps getting worse. My hips and back ache horribly daily, 24/7, and gets much worse when I attempt to do anything. It has reached the point now where I cannot do much. Making dinner or cleaning up causes me to be in severe pain. I can't vacuum, sweep or mop, I can't even shower anymore. I have a shower chair to use, it's the only way I can bathe. So far i have pushed through the pain as best I can. I'm a wife and mother. My family needs me. I can't just sit around, yet lately it's what I have been doing more and more. I'm afraid of getting up to do dishes or make dinner because I know the pain that waits if I stand up for more than a minute or two. My doctor is concerned. They have given me some muscle relaxor to take to try to help, but it doesn't do much. I am going to try the chiropractor but I know they won't be worth the trip. They never are. Chiro has never helped me before so thinking they will now is silly. But it's my only option until I can get this baby out of me. Just hoping it won't get too much worse because I can barely function as it is. I will still have pain after she is born, but hopefully no where as severe. Hopefully it will go back to being the moderate pain I am used to and have learned to ignore.

Mentally I have been a mess. I just need to be able to function again.
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Have you tried massage therapy? There are licensed massage therapists who specialize in pregnancy massage. Many also accept insurance so it won't be a large out of pocket expense. It is also safe for the baby. If your Dr. okays it you may try hydro therapy as well. Sometimes it helps the muscles relax causing a decrease in your pain.