Thyroid/pituitary. Atypical Trigenimal Neuralgia/occipital Neuralgia

I have been in chronic pain for three years after my tooth was pulled actually went in for general work and it broke and then I was rushed to get it pulled I had three Dr choose to make me an implant candidate but of course I became in the 10 % that failed my implant was infected for a month and the day before it was taken out my oral surgeon stated that the specialist I went to stated he thought it was failing, why did he not tell me? My oral what I think because of other infections in my mouth that it has hit the nerve my neurologist thinks I have both those neuralgias and what I found weird and I keep telling them is that when my tooth was being pulled I begged them to put me under they said I could not so they used nitrous well I have had that before and it just makes you loopy well this time it gave me such a feeling like my head was going to explode, I told them that and they backed it down, I think it the pressure is still pushing against something to make my nerve hurt, I am or was an Occupational therapist got my degree from KU I may not be the smartest but I have done my research, I wish that arrogant oral surgeon would say yes neuralgias of the head can happen from dental trauma, I checked in the NIH and other headache forums, so that's me I am a female used to have loads of fun with my hubby and now just struggling the day, please if anyone knows anything about this let me know I would be greatly appreciative.......T
Noah1964 Noah1964
46-50, F
Sep 9, 2012