Nowhere To Go, No Way To Get There

I am 68 years old and virtually confined to my home in the Shenandoah Valley and a power wheelchair most of the time. I usually need over 300mg of morphine a day just to get my pain down to a 7 or 8 on a 10 scale. I have had twelve surgeries on my right knee, including a failed total knee revision in 2001.
I am presently in pain management and have tried everything from a tems unit to patches and neuropathic drugs, and the only thing that give me even a chance to get out once in a while is morphine. It has been suggested to me that I look into the pain management inpatient program at John Hopkins.
My present pain management doc does not think too much about it since the first thing they try to do is get you off opiates. I have been on over 300 mg morphine for five years now and the pain docs and my primary say it would take at least three to four months to wean me off morphine safely. I I have looked into patient responses about the Hopkins program and almost all say it is bad news. It is run not by pain management docs but by psychiatrists and you are on a LOCKED UNIT. I am not a street addict and would not want to be treated as such.
They ask that you commit to three weeks inpatient and then an additional three weeks day patient status.
I am not one for biofeedback and singing while holding hands. I wonder if anyone on this chat has any direct knowledge about the Hopkins program,. My only other option is to have a revision on my knee but several top orthopedic surgeons I have gone to do not think that even that major surgery would help since the pain is from so many major surgeries damaging the nerves in the knee and leg.
Any ideas
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1 Response Jan 11, 2013

I'm so sorry for the suffering u have.. But if the morphine is helping .. Than be very careful About going to this clinc. I am dealing with pain and schedule for major. Back surgery next month.. I'm scared cause its only me And I have 17 year old son .. But I take the same drug but just 15 milligrams. Pain stops us from everything. But please think very long before you agree to a locked u it!!!!