So Tired Of The Pain

I wake up in the morning the pain is so bad. I get up take all my meds with the help of my husband drink my cup of coffee and he will fix me breakfast and then take the rest of my meds. By then my pain meds have made me so sleepy and I go back to bed. I wake up maybe 3 hours later and still hurting. We have tried everything from physical therapy, massage, heat, ice and tins (spelling)unit. Now I am doing the heated pool at the YMCA. It feels so good and I feel free of everything. My condition is I have had 2 back surgeries on the lower back and had a cage put in and fusion on the lower back. Since the surgery my pain has increased to 10x's the amount it was before. Now its in my legs and lower back. Then my upper back started feeling like charlie horses were coming back to back. My sweet husband found a doctor and he did a complete spine mri with and without contrast.That doctor was awesome, he found that now I have numerous bulging disks with some moving towards the spinal cord. The surgery for the thorasic area involves removing 2 ribs and going behind the lungs to repair the bulging areas of the spine. I am not sure what to do. I can only pray for the strength to keep going and trying to deal with this pain. It makes me cry and sometimes I feel like I am losing my mind. I question why I have to do this everyday why was I dealt these cards...I just dont know just need someone who is going through the same thing that can just give me a shoulder to cry on. I will be there for you also. whatever we can do just to get through the day

alwaysfighting alwaysfighting
46-50, F
Jan 14, 2013