My Chronic Pain

About a year ago, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia.  It is a condition that makes you have pain all over in the muscles and joints.  I have good days and bad.  But I found that when I am able to keep a positive attitude, it helps keep my mind off of it.  Exercise and medication helps too.  My mom is the only one that understands how I feel because she has it too.  It is frustrating that my boyfriend doesn't.  But, that's life I guess. 
Valentine Valentine
26-30, F
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I take Hydrocone and Morphine and have a TENs Unit. I enjoy my TENs Unit. it is at least natural way to go as I fear becoming addicted to drugs. I am very fortunate that my husband married me as his soul mate as we cannot have sex and he totally understands my pain and since it is just us he is my caregiver I don't know what I would do without him by my side. This is all new to us I am glad to find others to relate to. It really helps

Be thankful your husband is super supportive...mine compares na pain to "sucks getting old". I take soma, fentanyl, methadone at bed, percocet and Klonopin. On my good days I can sleep and do some housework and dinner , but then I pay for days . I've tried all the new breakthrough treatments and nothing has helped. I'm sorry to hear so many of us suffer each and every day.

Tamara79, are you still taking Darvon? I used to take Davocet but those 2 were recalled. Apparently, they can cause serious heart problems and even sudden death. I see your post is fairly old so maybe you know by now.<br />
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Valentine, I know how you feel. I was in a car accident and I have multiple injuries that are permanent and there is not much I can do. Somedays the pain is mild, other days it's moderate and some days it's severe but, it is ALWAYS present. I'm learning to cope and trying to stay positive. I have my moments when I feel helpless and hopeless but, i push those feelings away and try again. No one knows what I go through daily. They don't understand. It's good you have your mother (not good that you and your mother suffer) to identify with. It helps me to share with people here who are going through similar situations. I have been suffering since 2008 and I'm still here. What doesn't kill us can only make us stronger! Be Blessed everyone!

I have chronic pain and my family doc said he couldnt help with meds... where do i go now???

Try a pain clinic Sometimes you need a referral, sometimes not. It just depends on the place But have medical records and a referral with you if possible

Find a pain Management will probably need a referral from a primary . Don't feel bad my primary did the same thing to me...not that they gave me much help. Good luck.

Does anyone take Darvon for their pain? I am just curious because I have heard how addictive it can be but there must be something in the recall...and why would someone file a lawsuit unless they were genuinely injured? I refer to this 31 yr old woman in Queens who was one of the first to take legal action out <br />
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I am so confused, mostly all I have seen is that those with severe pain inducing conditions like fibromalgia and rheumatoid arthritis really do depend on the drug.. The alternatives offered don't appear to work. Please, as ppl who do suffer from cripplingly painful conditions I would appreciate hearing your thoughts on this.... do you agree with the recall? (if you take it?) Have you ever heard of anyone who reported side effects to do with Darvon? My best wishes to all of you, and I hope that you do find solace for your pain in something.

I can relate with you on the chronic pain issue. I have RSD and pain is with me everyday and every hour. I take medication it helps but there are times I don't know if it's all worth it then I look at my children and my husband and I could never leave them. I've lost the use of my dominate hand but the only way to move on is I set goals and I reward myself when I accomplish them. Just wanted you to know there is someone who completly understands.

I love you and your daughter's outlook on life. It is amazing! I wish everyone could see life the way you do. Unfortunately, depression is far too common. I try to have fun and joke around a lot in my life because you don't feel it when you are happy. That is very true! I am really glad you and your daughter found the secret to happiness. Thank you so much for your comment. I hope that a lot of people read it.

Oh do I understand, my daughter at 35 has had it a year now, and she is on medication, but the pain seems to never really stop. But...she is like me, the apple didn't fall far from the tree, she takes it with a grain of salt and goes on with life. She is my caretaker, I have inopertive throat cancer and have a trach and peg tube, she is raising her 11 years old son with us as a family. We look at life as a gift, to be seen in everything you see, touch and even smell. The journey we are on now with my cancer is tough, but being happy is easy, appreciating things are easy, seeing all the beauty around us is easy.....Tonight, the rain is pouring down, dancing on our patio....How beautiful it is, and the music the rain shares. Isn't it great to be happy...Grin and bear it.......cause it ain't gonna change....the pain will still be with you, but you don't even feel it when you are smiling or dancing or even singing!!!

Ya I try not to let it show or no one would want to hang out with me!

It must be really hard to stay positive when you're in pain all the time. I don't know how you do it, but you do. I know you get down sometimes too, but it doesn't show.

Ya I wouldn't wish this on anyone but if he could spend just one day in my shoes, he would be more understanding.