I always have a headache, my back hurtd, my neck hurts, I can barely walk when I wake up. It feels like my legs weigh 50lbs a piece. If I walk too much it leaves me fatigued and sore. People try to help by giving me massages but even a 10 minute massage leaves me sore. If anyone pats me on the back, it stings. My feet always hurt. I'm an active person to but no matter what I do it gets worse. Im always so tired i cant do anything that i used to. Just talking to people leaves me exhausted. I cant play with my daughter. But Doctors blow me off and I know something is wrong but no one listens to me.
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26-30, F
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yea, you trippin,

Excuse me?

Have you tried acupuncture?

No. I have been thinking about it though cause my dad said it worked. But it's 100 miles away and I just don't have the gas or time to get there. Plus it's snowing here alot and roads are dangerous. So I'm figuring that out lol

Once they run further testing they get to the problem and hopefully treat it ASAP so your comfortable.

So sorry for you..get checked out by your doc..whenni was our age they didna have all the great technology they have now...took them 30 yrs to find the marbles as I csll them in my brain, and I have had them for another 20. Gee, I am old..

Docs have to run more tests I agree.

A friend of mine thinks I might have fibromyalgia. She has it and she said everything I have is what she started with to. So I need to find a rheumatologist near me to see about that.

Are you stressed?

Not really, I mean alot less than I used to be. This has been going in every day for 4 years :\