I broke my neck oh 28 years ago, in the years that followed I started being more and more uncomfortable. I have been diagnosed as a pain sufferer. It appears that when I broke my neck I also damaged part of my brain and that leads to me being constantly in pain. I get fentanyl which is an opiate. Doctors tell me it is highly addictive. I asked my doctor, I am in pain all the time, fentanyl takes off the edge, I can not really live without fentanyl, where does addiction come into play? My doctor and the pain clinic people and the professors in the university hospital all see what works and what won't. Recently though I've found cannabis oil, more specifically CBD oil. I've been trying that, and, although it doesn't take away the pain, it makes my day a lot easier to take. I can just share my experience with it. I hope you are helped with this info.
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I use a high thc indica strain of cannabis that I decarboxylate myself and make pills with.
I have holes in the lining of my nerves.
All of it.
I get sharp random stabbing pains everywhere more than a thousand times a day.
Eating weed STOPPED IT.

cant do thc or be around anyone whos smokeing it , because i goto the pain center . hell i almost didnt get accepted into the pain center, because i was takeing perscribed naproxen which is an nsaid and has thc in it . they jumped the gun on me as i didnt have the intake paperwork finished filled out as it took longer todo the intake urine test and to speak with the doctor . i appealed the urine test results they reviewed my medication list and sent the urine sample to a bigger lab . they then set my up with an appointment 2weeks out and told me the naproxen is what was makeing me test positive for thc . during my 2 week wait i did some home work on my meds and infact naproxen does have thc in it . and i was also shocked that some other related over the counter meds also contain thc. so yeh im only takeing pain meds rxd by the pain center or if i goto the ER.

Even though marijuana can replace all those non life sustaining pills?

well the pain center offered me vicodin after they got the restults back at my followup appointment . which work better that the naproxen , and a my last months visit they started me on morphine along with the vicodins as my issues have changed for the worse as in not only am i in pain but im getting numbness / tingeling feelings in my arms and hands and fingers and my left leg . ive also been diagnosed with gastroparesis which can be caused by my neck/beck issues and /or the nasty stomach virus i had last year. not only did they start me on morphine they also ordered a MRI and a referal to a surgen .

Boy that sounds like me.
I have cmt disease... I have numbness and tingling in my arms and legs. weakness and fatigue. IBS.
I was on morphine. And I couldn't function.
I'm telling you... The long term side effects are worth considering changing for.
You should minimally research the benefits of cannabis instead of just listening to your doctors...
Cannabis can cure cancer.

the only way id switch is if ohio legalized thc for medical use or my doctors rxd it for me , im not into recreational use of it , infact i get rather sick if im in the same room that weed is being smoked in . i dont mean i get high or buzzed either i mean sick as is vomiting . just the smell of weed smoke makes me ill . ive spoken with my gp about it and was told its an allergy to the smoke . the thc in the naproxen and other over the counter medications is a different form and dont realy bother me except for nauseia . even vicodins dont get me buzzed/stoned on the other hand percocets do a much better job on me than vicodin does ive taken percocets about 2 years ago after a diveiated septum repair and they realy knock me for a loop . my gp says my body processes percocets better than it does vicodins . dont get me wrong vicodins do work on me but not like in the way percocets do. when/if i drink alcohol i have to either drink the top shelf/strong stuff or alot of cheap stuff just to get a buzz going

I'm very sensitive too.
Cigarette smoke gives me migraines.
I can't drink. Half a beer and im falling over.
Eating. Cannabis. Works.
I have a prescription.
It's very worth looking into. There's even cannabis out there with high cbd but not much thc, so that does not make you feel high. Just totally relaxes your system. I take mine before sleep. The doctors have not much of a leg to stand on when you are eating it. It's not dangerous as long as you have a trusted source.
I'm currently fighting a legal battle to preserve my rights to grow my own plants. The entire planet has been systematically misled about the benefits of cannabis. A huge proponent against it WAS Dr Sanjay Gupta. But after saying no to medical marijuana and influencing the federal laws about it, he took some time looking into it. He discovered basically what I'm telling you. Let me find that video.

I wanted something to help me without giving me future side effects that might truly acrew me over.
This works.
I don't care what it was gonna be, but I was going to find it.

that is why I use CBD oil, no thc, no smell, no bother


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i was in a car accident 12 years ago a jared my head/neck back then they told me i had a mild case of whiplash . then in 2008 i fainted at the doctors office after getting imunuizeations (i dont like needles) i hit my head on the floor when to the er and was told i have disc issues in my neck c3 thru c7 . after a ct scan and mri. ever since the accident ive had pain off and on , in the last 2 years the pain has came back to a constant pain and in the last 2 months ive been haveing numbness and things in my arms/hands/fingers and in my legs more so in my left leg . i goto the local pain center since last year they put me on vicodin and gave me a tens unit which i use the tens unit at night while sleeping it helps a lil but the vicodins only take the edge off the pain . ive also been diagnosed with gastroparesis back in febuary 2015 which can be cause by my disc issues . i went to a chiropractor last year and he took ex-rays and let me tell ya my backs a mess not just my neck and my hips are uneven also . i used to like going hiking but in the last 2-3 years the pain just kills me during/after hiking . told the chiropractor he said it because my spines out of whack and my hips are uneven . my last visit to the pain center 3 weeks ago they ordered an updated mri and a consult to a surgeon because of both my gastroparesis and numbness feelings . i also have times where my neck will lock in various positions , then i have to use my hands and try to unlock it .