Life Feels Like Torture

I can't actually remember when I started hurting. When I was twelve, just getting up and making a sandwich was difficult. I could still do things, I would just hurt while I did them. I went to the doctor about it and other various complaints several times, but when she started thinking that I was a hypocondriac I decided that maybe I was. I tried to ignore the pain for years.


I'm twenty now, and I still don't know for sure what is causing the pain (although I suspect fibromyalgia). I've just been living with it, and I've developed a high pain tolerance (I barely react if I get a finger caught in the door). And I realize now that the pain is real, but I still sometimes struggle with feeling like I'm just lazy, that maybe I'm creating the pain so that I don't have to do things.

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Just in case...stop eating all wheat for 2 weeks. 1 in 3 women has a wheat allergy. Since i was a little kid I have felt flu achy ever day, causing me to take over 20 ibuprofen/ day, and to stay home most of the time. While trying a new diet, I stopped eating wheat products, after about 10 days I realized the achy was gone. Now it only returns after a wheat filled food. Good luck and good health.

I have Peripheral Neuropathy. I honestly think it is a close cousin to fibro. It has to do with nerves instead of muscles. <br />
When I was a kid growing up my mom would always tell me I was to sensitive. Even when my step father was verbaly abusive it was my fault because I was too sensitive. I felt like I had a dIsease, like there was something wrong with me. Now I am 42 and have had neuropathy for 5 yrs. Maybe my sensitivity makes my situtuation more challenging but my husband says he would have me no other way. That the good out weighs the bad.<br />
Don't let someone elses opinion in the past rule your life now. You can't imagine how freeing it is to let that go. You know your own body not them. And as the saying goes "There not the boss of you". Your life will make alot more since and you will start taking better care of yourself. Have a Happy Holiday Season! from MERMAIDME

Well I personally think you've lived with this long enough and you need now to see your doctor again.. now that you are older and have pretty much evaluated that you are not imaging it.. now's the time to do something about . Find out what's causing it and start working towards healing yourself. Nobody has to suffer with pain.. and why would you want to? I can't image why doctors alway's think if they don't know the cause .. than it must be all imagined in our heads.. for want of attention. How arrogant is that. Make an appointment and demand to have answers and make it clear .. you want to know why and what is causing your pain.. there is alway's a cause .. maybe not alway's the remedy but once we know and understand than that is the first step to overcoming and healing oneself... Good luck in your quest..I send you blessings of healing your way.