I Am a Chronic Pain Sufferer

I Suffer From Chronic Pain--I have had fibromyalgia for years plus I have degenerative disc disease in my back & arthritis in my feet & ankles.  In December, I had a spinal fusion & it's helped a lot but I knew from the beginning that the surgery wouldn't completely solve it, just help it.  I'm going to be having my 3rd surgery on my right foot later this year.  I had a doctor that doesn't believe in artificial joints for the foot so I had 2 useless surgeries before finding someone else.  So, I have 3 sources of pain I deal with & an idiot for a doctor.  At first, she was as sweet as can be & then all of a sudden, she turned into a witch & doesn't like narcotic pain meds & thinks since I had back surgery I shouldn't have pain & she tries to tell me when to have my foot operated on & just thinks surgery wipes everything away & I should just be treated for Fibro.  But, I keep plugging away & I try & find my own solutions.

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can u tell me a little detail of ur problem,
might i can suggest something that can relieve ur pain


I am so sorry to hear that anyone has chronic pain. I myself have osteo Arthtitis right through my body. I am however fortunate to be able to keep the pain down with pain killers. At the present time i have chronic pain in my back and the tablets are not working. This pain has been caused by a fall i had last week. I know that it will ease.I live in the UK and our doctor's know full well that there is help out there for all types of chronic illnesses. I sure do hope that you are able to push and see a specialist where you live. I do not know what Fibromyalgia is. I hope that you get pain relief soon.