For the past 11 months I've had these headaches and double vision which has seemed to baffle all doctors. All of the medications I've tried to manage the headaches manly haven't helped. But at least I've managed to find something to reduced the pain. The pain is constant and has affected my ability to do normal tasks or even things I enjoy doing. It's hard not being at school as I'm someone who really values my education especially it being my final year. I've even missed my exams as a result of the illness. I find it is times like these when you find out who your true friends are it was probably haven't really spoke to any my "friends", miss joking around with them, using our own inside jokes. It's been along time and I've really noticed a change in my moods I find myself getting more sensitive and more emotional about small things. I feel like it's really affected my relationship especially with my mom since I spend the most time with her and I want things to be okay. Thing is I can't really tell her how I'm feeling because I know how hard this has been on her seeing me go through this. I will try stay hopeful, but right now I'm dark place.
FemaleReject FemaleReject
18-21, F
Mar 4, 2016