Downward Spiral

I am 57 years of age, and have been dealing with major depressive episodes for decades.  I have moved umpteen times, worked at countless jobs, and failed miserably at maintaining long-term relationships.  Medications have helped to relieve the worst symptoms, tho they cannot give me back the bright hopes I once had that life could feel beautiful.  Now I spend most days alone here with my precious mini-dachshund Cassie, so some cyber-friend support would be deeply appreciated.  Thanks for listening!
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We all need each other to help ourselves out of where we are stuck in life. Depression is basically due to loneliness. The best way to get rid of it, is to help someone and gain help through it.

Frankie is not a mini, and not the brightest thing on four inch legs, but they are great, loyal company.
You are not alone in fighting that life robbing demon. Depression has haunted me since my teen years. Pet Cassie and everyday find something that makes you smile.

Thank you so much for reading this story, & for your comments. Depression did not descend on me til my mid-20's, so I actually do recall a time when I was so not like this. Still, I do believe that every circumstance, no matter how negative-appearing it may be, carries blessings within it, & it really does help to put one's focus on those! Blessed be.

you wrote this a while are things for you now?

Thank you so much for your kind concern! Actually, things are pretty much the same, tho I do realize how blessed I am to live in a decent place, have enough food, & my own transportation. Also, tho I don't have much social contact, I do have my mini-dachshund Cassie for company, so all in all, I'm pretty well-off!

A "downward spiral" perfectly describes the way I feel...have been in the deep, dark abyss for quite some time and can't seem to crawl out of it. Meds do very little for me anymore...add me if you like -- I think I can relate. BTW, I collect tarot decks too!<br />
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Peace,<br />

I'm sorry to read your story. I know exactly what you mean about bright hopes and it seeming unlikely that life can ever feel beautiful again. <br />
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I suffer from depression as well. I have taken meds off and on for the past twenty years, but none really seem to work for long. I lost my best friend, my cat Rufus this past Christmas. I don't have any close family, just some cousins who are very nice but whose lives and experiences have been very different from my own until very recently. <br />
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I wish you serenity and peace and hope for better days for you. Cheers!

Thanks so much for reading my story, and for sharing yours! I'm very sorry about your cat, I have an animal companion myself, and sometimes I think I'd actually die of loneliness if I lost her! Hope it helps to know that someone understands, and I pray that brighter days are on the way for you, also! Blessed be.