What Your Psych Doesn't Want You To Know

Google "tms", it's a treatment that actually will make the psychs as obsolute as blood letting. Face it, any other kind of doctor that "treats" a patient for 5 or 10 years with no effect is a quack.
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I thought I replied to this one but I don't see my comment here. People can become dependent on any kind of support system.

What is "tms"?

Tms is a new treatment for depression. It uses a very mild stimulation of the brain. Patients go into their doc's office and receive the treatment while awake and can drive themselves away when complete. It is not invasive and many patients read while receiving it, it has a very high success rate but can be expensive

I've had depression most of my adult life. I never had tms, though. I think we've finally found a set of meds that work for me. I wish you the very best.

geez..dont get me started!!