I Now Know.

Only recently have i begun to relise the trick to dealing with depersonalisation.

For almost 2 years i have had to live with this terrifying, unexpected feeling and now im starting to move on. And others reading this will not believe me just like i was like to others, absolutly noone can convince this feeling is going to go away, truth be told- it might not. But the key in the whole process is learning to live with it, im not saying that tomorrow your going to walk out of your bedroom feeling you can do anything because you wont. But over time you will begin to realise that maybe you can just push yourself that one extra step? Maybe you can cope for one extra hour?

By no means am i saying you will not have your crap days. Because you will, but so what? If you know within yourself that you cannot do something, or feel you cant then dont. Your family will not see this reasoning at first but give them time because there going through it with you. These words are nothing to fear, but to be looked on with a positive mind, im only 14 and i have learned this much. Give it time, because it will not be rushed. But slowly AND surely things will start too look bright because you deserve to have a life as much as the next person.
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sounds good!!! I know what you mean by slowly and surely. I haven't been out since this started to hit in which was in March!!! I've been to hospital twice this Summer but now I think I'm on right meds for the underlying problem which for me is Bipolar.

But like that Bulmers ad says "All in its own good time!"

Recovery should not be rushed or forced