How Do You Explain It?

We all know what its about but when you feel , live it, how can you explain it to someone who doesnt know? Like your life is a numb movie that never ends? This isnt how life should be, it should be filled with feelings all the time , Im starting to think what i did for this to happen to me or why i deserve to have this stupid ******* curse come on my life. Nothing in this world makes it seem to go away and you feel it most when you are alone or depressed and its just another thing to add to the **** I deal with now. it drives me crazy i just want to make it stop , i want to know if my life is going to be like this forever i dont even know if its worth living for anymore , Im losing hope and fast.

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3 Responses Mar 15, 2010

flowersnbutterflies - EMDR - never heard of that treatment but it sounds like a minor miracle in helping the brain associate in the correct way again. I hope you can find that treatment again as you thought it helped you. The title of this post originally made me interested because i also never heard of Depersonalization Disorder. God bless all of you and guide you to the right answers for this. Each person who has written has added another type of treatment to try or way of coping. It is great to have a support group and i know you find strength and comfort from each other. Take care xox

your better off without me.

I know exactly how you guys feel. I know this comment may be sort of late, but I honestly need some reassurance and to know I'm not out there alone, because I feel alone right now, and that's just bringing more stress and worry to my brain. So. Yeah.