My life has drastically changed in the last 4 months due to lack of sleep, I truly can't function and im extremely sad and moody all of the time. Should I just end it all :'( idk what to do anymore
ArmaniTsunami ArmaniTsunami
22-25, M
1 Response Aug 18, 2014

Noooo! If it's because if sleep you could definitely fix it. Try to keep strong and see what you can do about your sleeping patterns and options. Hope it all works out man! Stay strong.

I'm trying to keep strong but it seems so hard when I'm getting little to no sleep at all. I'm so young why do I have to suffer from this. It's really debilitating. Never have I been depressed or suicidal but this is really getting to me.

Yea sleep dep is a serious thing, it flicks with your head a lot. But try to focus on what you can do. Have you been to the doctors? Sleeping tablets? Etc. your life is totally worth living man. Don't let done thing like lack of sleep destroy you. It's your body you can win.

I've always hated the docs and medicine but for the past 3 months I've been back and forth from doctors to doctors and constantly trying new meds. Nothing seems to work :( at all. I'm just so exhausted I have no energy for anything. It sucks!