I misdiagnosed myself that the road accident I had last Monday had been an awesome experience. And while it was, in spite my jarring wrecked nerves, finding the silver lining to the thousand whys... the ringing in my ears only got worse by Day 2. The ringing would turn into whirring that causes dizziness then a massive headache that would turn anyone look like Jack Nicholson's-you-can't handle the truth-face. I'd be literally banging my head on the wall to only feel the pain on another part of my head. I finally went to the ER.

Thought it would be only regular check ups, prescribe a pain reliever, and off I go. I hate hospitals. But they confined me for observation for 24 hours with numerous tests that scared the bejeebers out of faerie. MRI, EEG, CT scan, reflex tests, neuro-thingy tests, psych tests. I keep telling them I'm feeling generally all right except for the ringing and the things that followed after that. I mean, I survived 2 days after the incident. And shared a story here after (they don't know that); but I did share the story at work and they thought I'm superbly marvelous. x p

During the observation time frame, I started having on and off blurry vision. That's when they started the neuro and psyche tests. I answered the best I could; but there were questions that make no sense for me...

Are you experiencing nose bleeding? Duh. I work with active pharmaceutical ingredients for blood thinning.
Do you feel nauseous or want to vomit? *looks at medical chart* I'm anemic, no? And don't feed me red meat.
Do you remember how the accident happened? I got tired of this question. Seriously. Must have been asked like 500 times.
Are you feeling irritable? I gave the doctor the 'faerie-look'. Duh.
Do you see stars? All the friggin time! I'm sparkly!
Are you feeling sensitive to light and sound? It's awfully pale here, white walls and no music. I'm sensitive to that kind.
Has your manner of speech been different since the accident? I smiled and showed my new retainers.
Are you having a hard time sleeping? I laughed.
Do you feel a sense of disorientation? If you haven't slept enough, then you feel disoriented, no?
Do you have difficulty concentrating or focussing? I do yoga and om.
Do you feel tired, fatigued? I laughed again.
How often do you hear the ringing in your ears? It only stops when I answer it.
Do you experience tingling or numbing sensations? Well... it depends on who I'm talking to!
They extended the observation for 24 more hours. Did I say I hate hospitals? grrr...

After my release, they scheduled me for CT scan. In the city. Really?? You want me to drive all the way there again?! *shakes faeriehead* They said it's the last test and only to rule out anything else.

Diagnosis: Minor concussion - a soft tissue was shaken and bruised by a hard cranial bone, possibly from the impact of the car from the snow when I abruptly stopped in the ditch. 
In short, not only were my nerves jarred... my brain was, too. Duh.

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I am so sorry for you. I completely missed this. Another, "Oh,Sh*t, I missed a Sylphy story.* I am sorry. You must have been so scared being in the hospital with concerned doctors all around thinking you might have been hurt. A concussion sounds bad, too. Please be careful with the faerie head.

You're sweet. But no... faerie wasn't scared. Just like the accident, there was no fear really, except not knowing what to do after it happened. So while the accident was happening in those intense seconds, and the whatchamatests in the hospital... no... I wasn't scared. Annoyed, maybe. I'm thinking I'm getting stranger and stranger everyday. Knowing myself, I should be freakin' out... but I wasn't. And I'm not. Is that weird?

No, it's not weird, it's self confidence.

Wow. Now that scared me... hahaha...

Thank you for the kind words and support, folks. Much, much appreciated! You are awesome people.

Time to wear a helmet around full time like me.

Bahaha! Do you know where I can get a colourful one?

So what you're saying is they took a scan of your head and found nothing?

*gasps* There's supposed to be something inside other than faeriedust??!
*shows you shocked faerieface*

Sounds like a scary faerie experience. Ya gotta stop sprinkling so much dust around ya....it adds to the accumulation with the snow, and next thing you know, you're in a ditch with double vision. Thankfully you're okay and can write about such an experience, so we can come here and dance with you.

Y'know... the weird thing is, I didn't get scared. When it started happening (the accident), I knew what was going to happen and I simply waited. I panicked when I couldn't get my friggin vehicle out of the ditch. And it's a 4x4! grrr... and I panicked not knowing who to call. I know... I'm weird... but that makes faerie a great dancer!