I really try to be respectful but lately I find myself saying,"duh" many times a day. I really should limit my conversations to those that are not so predictable. LOL. 

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LOL yep

That is usually how it works!

LOL that is right . You got that one right.

You know it will because if it was the end of the world it would at least be sunny just to spite us all.

No, it may not. It is not a guarantee.

its okay the sun will come up again it always does...

OMG I think the skies just darkened.

yeah if people thought we was friends? The world would be out of order!

LOL shhh I said not to even hint at that. You never know who is watching and we might be judged lol.

omg a friend?! no wai!

Shhh don't tell anyone. They may start to think we are friends (giggle)

I struggle with it too. that is why i didn't say what i was originally thinking by this story. For opposite people we have a lot in common.

It isn't like that. I just want to be more respectful, less mouthy because that is a problem for me.

Were will not saying it get you? Just gotta be yourself FG even if other people don't like it.

Oh I want to badly but where will it get me?

you know you wanna

LMAO Y'all. I am trying to break my habit of saying this. I am just having issues doing it.

Can't help it either... D-uh?! ;)

It can be funny, but i know something that would make it funnier.

Well duh. It's obviously disrespectful!

Naw that isn't what i am thinking at all. What i am thinking of is a little more mean. Well it is fun for me, but i dunno how you would take to it!

Yes you are thinking it and I am trying not to say it anymore because it is disrespectful. LOL

hmm... not going to say it..

No duh lol.