Absurd Indeed

"Nobody gets outta this place alive"
We are "thrown" into this world with the ability to self reflect and the horrifying knowledge that we are going to die.
In this post-modern age where philosophy and religion seem to be esoteric fads of yesteryear and science has come to dominate as the closest possibility we have of understanding the universe and our situation in it. But we find more and more that the scientific worldview isn't all it's cracked up to be. Though it's purpose was to have a perspective less, objective view based on rationality and evidence it has caused people to feel mechanical, meaningless and insignificant. The same problems that have birth to the counter culture revolutions in the sixties have once again taken control of the zeitgeist. We are once again meaningless cogs in the cold, massive machine. The voices that screamed out back then for individuality, spirituality and freedom of sexuality gave birth to the apathetic, entitlement generations whose lack of enthusiasm for life is only foreshadowed by their lack of purpose to which they find they have none.
Philosophers, theologians, scientists and madmen have all claimed to have solved the puzzles of "what we are" and "where we came from". The theories range from God to evolved apes to the matrix. But regardless of what and how lies the most important question a person must confront: Why? Rather, why is there something rather than nothing.
But after thousands of years of running around in circles the philosophers, scientists and madmen seem to have thrown in the towel. They have agreed that there is no great "meaning of life". No purpose. Life, exsistence, is meaning in itself.
The problem isn't in the lack of meaning, a tree does just fine without needing meaning to it's life. The problem lies in the people. People who are still under the Christian, dualistic, soul-body way of thinking about themselves. Rather, western culture gave us Christian morality, a monarchical God, and a definition of a person as a "soul" housed inside a pile of flesh and bones and then decided to throw out the whole idea of God and replace it with the scientific viewpoint. Only people still had the other Christian sensibilities. Still under the influence of that way of thinking. So what happened is the scientific model of the universe was created and developed by a culture of dualistic people. Now without God, purpose or value.
Existential anxiety is inevitable in this era because the whole model is screwed up. We still feel like we are separate, individual "souls" trapped in this infinite, meaningless universe. So in our confused neurosis we develope ridiculous greed and egocentricity. We fight each other in an endless struggle for power and money to fill the meaningless void within. The more we get the more we want because we don't understand what is happening. I may be exaggerating a bit and am getting away from my original point.
I'm not going to keep preaching like I know this to be "the way it is" but I will explain how I feel and how I have suffered through many years of anxiety, depression, confusion and existential crisis. And hopefully try and offer consolation and personal advice on ways I have found of putting my mind at ease.
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1 Response May 9, 2012

Good writing, all of the things you have written. I have only recently discovered the words and concepts associated with the existential dread that has been creeping up on me since the latter part of high school, and am trying to mold life in a more or less definite direction now that 'the question (what is the the meaning of life?)' has more or less been answered.<br />
<br />
I hope you keep writing.