Where To Point

Is it the fear of death? The fear of living?
Camus had the notion that absurdity is all to be found when we examine the fundamental questions of life. In particular, the "meaning" of life. As an atheist Camus thought to find meaning outside of one's self is pointless. That life is meaning in itself. To be alive is to have meaning. Anything else is metaphysical speculation pointless of debate.
The absurd is a notion also found when faced with the facticity of one's own impending death. Trying to live a meaningful life by clawing and shoving one's way to prestige, fortune, and other hedonist gratification is pointless. In the shadow of the ominous figure it is just a futile attempt to quench the everlasting thirst for purpose.
To live at all is meaning. Value judgments are irrelevant.
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May 15, 2012