I Dont Feel Like I'm Suffering

I have been in diapers most of my life. I am now 52 and wear plastic pants and cloth diapers 24/7 and love it.
i can think of so many reasons to not feel like it rules my life or is the worst thing anyone has to endure.
You need to be proud of yourself, and not think everyone in town is checking out your butt or knows your in a diaper.
After all your not doing anything wrong so why act as if you are. Enjoy your diapers and stay wet
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3 Responses Aug 10, 2010

very true but thats the way we feel when we need to wear a nappy

Couldn't agree more. What harm does it do and can give so much pleasure.<br />
"Stay wet and stay happy"

I completely agree. Keep in mind that there are people that has the desire to become incontinent.