There's Too Much Pressure On My Back

I get back pain constantly. I'm usually sitting at a computer all day at both school and home, and a lot of my weight is concentrated on the top part of my body. I try to sit up as much as possible, but that makes it even more painful for me.

The only permanent solution for me to relieve my back pain is surgery and dropping some weight. I'll lose some weight if I really need to, but I refuse to get any kind of surgery. I've gotten xrays of my back before so I know I don't have scoliosis or anything like that, the only thing that what would make sense would be being so top-heavy.

So for right now, it seems as though I just need to live with it. I refuse to take any kind of painkiller, or pills in general. The only thing I am afraid of is getting a ruptured disc, but I figure that I'll see plenty (or more like, feel) of warnings signs, so perhaps I would get surgery then... but, I'd like to avoid it if possible.
delirium delirium
18-21, F
Jul 22, 2010