Just Found Out.

One day I go to the doctors and she noticed that she hadn't gave me a check up in years. Keep in mind that this was the summer before my last year of high school. Well while in the physical she notices I am not standing up straight. I think "oh this is nothing" because I have been told the same thing through out my school carrer during all those many phyiscals. Also never sat up straight in those odd shaped chairs , the ones that are suppost to be the shape of your back; but no one really did. Well she sends me to a speacilist. The specialist says "You've got scoliosis." I think why wasn't this discovered earlier? I never got an answer for that question. Now I know why my back hurts at least. That's a start.
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1 Response Aug 11, 2010

im in pain 247 you learn to live with it. all pain is in the mind.