Disc Probzz

              ya, so about 3 years ago i found out i had 2 herniated discs, L4; L5 and L5; S1. I had gotten tons of epidurrels, but they never seemed to help. i got really bad leg pain because some disc material was irritating my leg nerve. the finally gave me an epidurrel into the nerve sac, which hurt like hell, but relieved the pain temporarily until a few months later. After it seemed nothing would help it long term, they went ahead with surgery, and i have been pretty much pain free since
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I Hate Having Back Problems

This As Been Going Of 6 Months I Need Some Help
By: Me
Written on October 22nd, 2012
my body shakes like a fit it starts lower from my back at first was mild and pain full in the last 24 hours the shaking as become more violent my stomach and back are very tender where i have pulled all the mussels ,,

drs say prolapses of 2 disc lower back and wear and tear ,,, they dont under stand the shaking ,,,,,

i hear some stories from others im feeling a tad scared and worried is it there nerves or the discs ...