Back Pain

I used to work at Costco and now I suffer from bad back pain.  It radiates down the back of my legs to my feet.  I have had x rays done but they found nothing.  Some times it hurts so much I cannot sit down, it is the worst feeling ever and even Tylenol never works. 

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Hey that sounds like nerve pain & it is harder to detect. It will usually be seen on an MRI scan. Bulging discs or a disc in the spine can slip out & cause the bones to rub on the spinal nerves which can cause terrible leg, hip & foot pain. There are stretches that can help re align the disc & physio, chiropractors along with pain medication from the Dr. An orthopedic surgeon diagnosed my spinal injury when Doctors could not see anything on my X-rays. Please make sure You have injury cover on Your insurance through work & any injury at work should be reported in writing & keep any records of medication, Dr, receipts etc, You may need them if You have to go on light duties or have time off work. The type of pain You are discribing can be caused by standing on concrete floors all day & lifting & twisting. I hope Your back gets better. Best of Luck

Thanks bassethound I will look into that

I have had lower back pain since lifting a one heavy ob<x>ject. I'd slowly worsened till unable to walk without great pain. Then I tried chiropractic and the improvement was slow but effective. I realized that it also helped remedy some other symptoms of urinary, genital, and bowel trouble that I also had. If you can, get some recomendations from your area's chiropractors and hopefully find one that can take spontaneous visits. I never enjoyed waiting for days to get an apointment in.

Thanks johnny I will give that a try

Back pains are hard to find via x-rays. I hope you are keeping a journal if you are sueing.<br />
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Put down when you feel the pain and put a number on it. Put down what drugs you have taken and how they dont work.<br />
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Try those braces to improve your posture and heat pads. I would love to make you fell better.