I want to die so bad. There's nothing good left in my life. I have no friends and I get bullied all the time for my sexuality and body and music preference and my personality. I feel like by the end of next month I'd be failing all my classes already and my teachers wouldn't give a **** because it isn't their problem. I see and hear things that distract me all the time. Everyone thinks I'm doing this to get attention. I don't want the attention. Especially not professional or parental attention. I do this to let out all my feelings about how I feel. Speaking of feeling, I feel like self harming all the time, but it seems self harm is the only thing I can control anymore. I'm tired of people trying to get me into the whole Christianity thing. Guess what, IM SATANIC. Yeah, you Christians and Catholics can go eat slugs. And I'm also tired of people who tell me they love me when they don't even know me. And the people who are like "you need professional help and parental supervision". Yeah well I've been getting that ordeal for 3 whole years so you guys can go **** off with that. Oh, and not to forget these people who are like "all you need to do is love yourself". ***** maybe you haven't noticed but I have -70% self esteem. It's hard to get out of that gutter. And those emo's who define and are proud to be emo. Like stop making people's actual problems a fashion statement to make yourself look special.


**** every aspect of everything.
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You express yourself very well. Your thoughts are clear and precise so your definitely not depressed. So why so much anger

First off, just because I can express myself does not eliminate the fact that I have major depression. I'm angry in this post because all of this has been bottled up in me for about 3 years.

Hope you feel better.

So **** off, yeah?

If you do kill your self take me with you lol