Daydreaming For Hours, Part Of My Every Day Routine

I just recently found out that I'm not the only one who does this. I have been doing this for pretty much my whole life, and for me it's almost like a high. i pace my room back and forth while listening to music. I imagine interesting scenarios of other people. Sometimes it's about me, conversations I've had, fantasies almost, like being swept away by some guy. Or proving someone wrong, being the person everyone loves. Also I feel this could be related to not being understood very well. Even today I don't think anyone really understands me and my need to daydream. My mom doesn't even take this seriously.She believes that I do this out of boredom, when in actuality I am obsessed. Sometimes this is how I spend my whole day, with little breaks in between, and it's all I want to do. I have been told I have a gift to write, and for most of my stories, I get ideas from pacing my room and being in my own world. This causes me to procrastinate everything. In the middle of the night, when i have a dream sometimes it will start off a whole story in my head and i will lose hours of sleep. I'll get as much satisfaction as a scenario I'm dreaming about as a real one. When people walk in on me pacing my room with my headphones in, I feel like they're walking in on me doing something private and I get embarassed. My family has gotten used to this, but when a non-family member sees me in this state I feel even more uncomfortable and ashamed of my behavior. I feel like it's an unexplainable gift at times, but at other times I feel I should be in reality more often, getting tasks accomplished and meeting new people out in the real world.
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hows the daydreaming going?

I feel exactly the same way. I listen to my music while I day dream and I always get embarrassed when someone walks in. I procrastinate all the time and I feel like I never reach my goals because of this. Try finding something to do besides daydreaming that makes you happy and feel good about yourself. This helps me focus on reality.

Same except i rock i thought i was crazy... Its nice to knoa there are.others i don't feel alone i mean i 'm still scared but no longer alone :)

OMG thank you for posting this. The only difference between your story and mine is that I have zero talent for writing. Thank you for having the courage to post this.

this is so me..<br />
dear, please help yourself early..before it affects your it did to mine..

I know what you are saying. I don't pace but my foot jumps uncontrollably and gets worse when I am daydreaming. I just found out recently that this had a name. I write mine down and try to publish or market them. If I am writing a story, I am there. If someone interrupts me while I'm 'there' it can get me upset because I get stuck in 2 percieved realities at once and the real reality is not the one I want to be in while I'm turning the daydream into a novel. It's a blessing and a curse depending on the day.

I know how you feel I feel so ashamed that I nailed a blanket 2 my windows 2 make shore no1 sees me I see me playing soccer or boxing trying 2 romance a beutiful girl It's like the world just 4 me better than a computer or video game I've never met people like me I thought I was crazy thank god I'm not the only 1

You're not alone! I have the exact same issue, all my life, literally every night, and morning and into the afternoon (every day, no joke) I'm constantly in this daydreaming state, and I just can't help it. Traveling to and from school, people get weirded out because my facial ex<x>pressions on the bus go from happy to sad to angry to who knows what, and when I catch myself doing it, I feel like a total weirdo! xD

Hello. Well first of all I'd like to say I really do understand what you are going through. I also have maladaptive daydreaming. There is a group on yahoo that you can join if you are not a memeber already to go and talk to other people with this...idk if you want to call it a condition or dissorder or what. I have always daydreamed but not the extent that I do now. I have been very bad the last 5-7 years. Alot of people don't know about maladaptive daydreaming so I think thats why people dont believe you when you try to tell them. Some people with this would love to get rid of it and never deal with it again, but others like myself do enjoy it but would just like to control it alittle better. If you want to learn more about it you should join the group tho. Its really great to hear others stories and to find out how some people keep it under control. Good luck and if you'd like to talk more just send me a message.