I Thought It Was Real Life

I've always have had MD. I remember having friends but not alot, only a few. I remember seeing Thing 1 and Thing 2 from Cat in The Hat. I would see everything in the books and the movies I saw. I'd daydream about having a better life. One with the father who isnt abusive and a mother who isnt on drugs. And not being adotped. I'd daydream about having my prince charming come and get me and take me away. Daydreaming to me was like breathing. I would do it 24/7. And I still do. I don't know how to deal with it. And still to a point I think its still is real life.
I didn't know at first that it was MD. I thought I had a big imagination but truly its MD. I found out not that long ago. My brother(that is not my true brother) found me talking to myself. I couldn't even see him when I was daydreaming. He walked around with me but I didn't see him. When I finally saw him I was still talking to myself. He touched me and thats when I really noticed that he saw me. I started crying and telling him I was so sorry. And then I started explaining to him what i was doing. I told him that I couldn't stop it. It was like a heart beat, I needed it. Or To me it was life.
I don't know how to get "over" MD. Or how to make it not come so much. But It now happens every second of each day. And its scarying me because I read a story about a girl that had MD and she went crazy. She went crazy because she thought that a movie she watched was real life. She drove herself to it. And I'm afraid that, that is what I'm doing. And I feel like I can't stop it...
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From what I have read, I believe that MD symptoms seems to be a natural way the mind copes with the situation/circumstances a person is living in i.e if they are in an abusive situation where they feel helpless and not in control, our daydreams are a way in which we can have control over things in our life as we choose the image, story or words. Talking to yourself is a way to release those thoughts you may not feel comfortable to actually say to another person but can feel safe and comfortable talking to yourself.Overall I think it is ok to do things you are saying in your story being aware of not letting yourself be consumed by them e.g. daydreaming away and not actually living your life and talking to yourself so much you lose social connections with real people.Enjoy the daydreams in your head but also enjoy the real world you live in as well. Your daydreams can also be a way that you are trying to tell yourself to do things...they can inspire you to make things happen and become a reality.

i know but i can try not to like go out of it and i always do and then im with people from movies or books. and i dont see anyone that I'm truly with..

Well day dreaming is normal. I've seen people sometimes yelling out to other people and they will be caught in a daze. Sometimes my friends need to repeat things to me because I'm caught up in a thought. It seems that you can distinguish the real world from a dream though.