Ahhh.So Its Called Maladaptive Daydreaming..

I'm so glad I found out that I'm not the only one out there with this disassociation.I am an only child,and have been daydreaming since I was very young.I always preferred playing by myself and my pets than other kids.Which I always thought was strange behavior..But when I got older,I didn't stop daydreaming.So I just assumed that I was a little loco,and I am fine as long as I keep it under control.I can still keep my MD to myself,but it  still upsets me because I read online that it stems from some kind of trauma from someones childhood...I could never remember everything from when I was younger,just certain memories.I found out later in my life,that my parents weren't all they were cracked up to be..(Its a loooong story) I really don't want to avoid my MD,although it would be nice to control.Lately I've been on a reading binge,anyone who can offer any good books on this subject please let me know!!! Google seems to be clueless and I Google EVERYTHING haha I'm not ashamed anymore,although no one,not even my best friends know of my condition or how I feel about it.My mom has caught me speaking to myself or has heard me pacing back and forth in my room before,and she has not spoke or asked me about it.She will now and then ask me "why are you just walking around up here?" and I just ignore and go back to my business.I also did not have wild teen years...I didn't party,drink or have sex until I was 18 and bout to graduate high school.So as you may know, I'm familiar with the party scene now that I'm in my twenties.I feel that experimenting with drugs doesn't help nor effect my MD.I have had some intense trips,which are hard to explain.Right now I'm just trying to discover many more things about myself that I haven't before..and this mystery is solved (sigh) 
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this is part 2 ive been a daydreamer all my life too. in school i d daydream so much id get in trouble for not paying attention in class. or the teacher would ask me a question that i didnt know because i wasnt listening . i was daydreaming .....and to this day i daydream . alot i think it s because we both have good imagination...........what you think?

growing up i would rather play by myself then with neighborhood kids. i had invisible friends instead .my parents got a kick outa watching me carry on a conversation with nobody . at age 48 i still talk to myself alot ,only now i have loud arguments with my boss or someone whos pissed me off.. and get embarrassed when someone hears me . i also pace when im upset,,,,,pets have been a huge part of my life. ive taken in a lot of strays. the ones that are abused or no one wants and abandons them. im artisic and luv music .when i was young i played ,piano , accordion ,trombone. at age 13 i started playing bass guitar. joined a heavy metal band . was very popular during the 90's up to 2004? anyway i can somewhat relate....