Does Anyone Else With Mdd Also Get Really Paranoid, Have Severe Headaches, Or Feel Braindead?

does anyone else with MDD also get really paranoid, have severe headaches, or feel braindead?
lockedupgirl lockedupgirl
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8 Responses Sep 13, 2012

I get headaches & feel mentally cripple sometimes. I heard this is considered demonic.

I get paranoid when aliens and shadow people are following me around, is that the same thing?

severe headaches and a bit of paranoia but not too much! headaches r horrendous though!! but im nt sure if its daydreamin that causes it or not

Yeah, especially headaches...

I get paranoid people or something is watching me so yes me!

a looooooot

YES! I have to lock the top latch of my house door and check around my 550sq ft apartment before I can skyrocket into a dream.

YES! Especially after a really intense daydream session or if I am unable to daydream. Then again, I do not eat really well or drink the amount of water I should when I am in the middle of a fantasy so that probably does not help either...