I Hate It And I Love It At The Same Time

hay guys before i start i should say that my english  and my writening is bad but i will try my best,
i dont know when the day dreaming started maybe around 8 but it wasnt notting to serious.but when was around 13 i day dreamed more and more.but now (i am 16) its uncontrollable.i thought that i was crazy or something,but thank god i am not the only one,i didnt even knew that it was a disorder and had a name till like 2 months ago.
i day dream about thing i would like to be or have in my life cause my life isnt the way i want it to be i hate my real life,but the life i daydream about is just amazig i just get happy when i daydream.it is just an amazing feeling.in my day dream i have people that love my and care about me,i have an boyfriend (what in real life i have never had) and i love him so much (weird ha?) his dad is from the uk and his mom is from spain, he is tall and sexy with his hot accent.
there is allot of thing going on in our life.i try not to make it glitz and glam cause that will be so unrealistic.
i also dream about being kendall jenner bff,i really like her and we both tall(seriously in real life i am tall 6'0).i dream about being in an reality show(i love reality shows )the show is like jersey shore but no trash in it.and allot f things more
i dont have 1 long story that i dream about as you guys see i choose what chapter i daydream about.
day dreaming is just the best like the titel i love it but hate it at the same time
i love it because i can do what i want and live the way i want and plus i just love it
and hate it because its ruinning my real life at the same time,cause i cant consentrate at school,i just sit ther and just begin to day dream,or when am with my freinds i just but my earpphones with some music and just starrt day dream,and i get mad at people when am daydreaming and the interrupt me ugghh i get so mad.
my day dreams are just so real that i luagh smile cry (cry like someone die)and get angry and make naughty
faces when am having sex hhahha i can be sitting in the class and having sex in my mind :).
i told my freinds about it some understand it but some think am crazy,,pfff bullsh*t.
guys if you have this disorder dont feel bad about it just dream dream dream http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ye3T82Y5FHs
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1 Response Dec 2, 2012

Yh I think it's just what humans do. We have to keep to so many rules, not like dogs or apes or something, it's healthy to give expression to our phantasies and not repress them. The question is " Are you harming any one". Like I' m 70 next year, my wife is 38, we have been together happily for 18 years, yet I'm still dreaming about what you and I could get up to. Who does it hurt? Enjoy I say.