Struggle With Excessive Daydreaming

hello. i used to have a lot of problems with daydreaming but this last summer i made a large effort to be around people all the time, so that i wouldn't have time to go into one of my daydreams. but they are starting to come back. one of my recent daydreams has to do with my brother's friend. in my mind, we have a passionate relationship. in real life, i know nothing about him and have met him only twice in the past. i'm pretty sure i don't like him, i just like who he became in my daydreams and the idea of loving someone so much and having someone feel the same way about me. today, i saw him again and i felt a flurry of emotions inside me, as if everything i had daydreamed actually happened. its so embarrassing and i felt so awkward, like a crazy obsessive schoolgirl. i think my problem is that i need to start being so afraid of life and rejection...but i can't seem to do anything about it. this is my first time on here, and just felt like letting this out, because if i tell anyone i know about this, they will definitely judge and think i am crazy
slowcheetah13 slowcheetah13
Dec 6, 2012