Depression Leads To Md?

I've always been shy, mainly because I have almost always been alone and I'm scared of people. When I was younger, I was left alone because I was independent, whereas my brother always needed attention. Most people avoided me in elementary and such, so I started daydreaming imaginary friends up. This wasn't that distracting, and I could make it go away whenever I wanted. Well, it was that way until I discovered Kishin Asura, a character from the manga Soul Eater. He had no backstory, other then he was just evil. I started giving him a personality and story as I grew attached to him. Finally, because of being tired of the limitations to the world he belong to, I gave that personality and story to a new character, a new world, new friends, etc. since then (It happened in 6th grade) I have only become more and more obsessed with him, now called Selthasan Sanzu, and it distracts me all the time. I cannot focus on anything without daydreaming. I'm scared of my mother, and whenever she gets angry at me (all the time) I just go and daydream. I can go for hours straight, and even act out my characters (which gets awkward when I do, once I actually hissed at this kid for annoying me). I don't want to stop. This world depresses me, but at least my characters can be important to the world.
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I think MDD definitely stems from loneliness, at least in most cases. I do that too; sometimes i forget that i'm around people and correspond my facial expressions with my daydream. I can't help it :-/