Any Tips For Trying To Sleep At Night

I suffer from MDD and I find it really hard to get to sleep without my mind running wild. Desperately I try to think of other things until I drift off but it never works. I usually finally get to sleep but does anyone have some techniques to help me get through that rough patch.
Qmomma206 Qmomma206
2 Responses Dec 12, 2012

Can you not just restrict the daydreaming to nitetime/just be4 sleep? sorry if that sounds clueless but its a common tactic for ppl to do to get to sleep ~ fantasising, it bridges the gap between waking reality & dreams

Hello! I myself don't usually have trouble so much as at nice as I usually do during the day, and when I find myself day dreaming at a bad time (like when I should be doing chores, or in your case- sleeping) I give a quick reminder to myself that this is reality and now would be the time for sleep. Start by maybe pointing out details that keep you away from fantasy such as "The bed I'm laying in is warm, cold, etc." or "The fan is a bit noisier than usual tonight." This could help steer away those type of thoughts and maybe help you into more relaxing ones. If you research techniques for falling asleep they usually suggest deep breathing; though I personally try and count as high as I can, because it keeps my mind on one track to the point where I eventually drift off :) I hoped this helped at least a little!