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A Mental Entertainment

I did not know there is a legitimate name for this type of daydreaming. I have always thought it is only childish me who does this!

As I remember, it started when my brother gave me my first manga/comic book. The storyline was so mesmerising it captured my thoughts all days and nights. Unconsciously I began to 'act' in my dream: Took an identity, set up a role and blended into the story. I got huge fun out of it and could not stop. When the thought popped up, it was there for me to join the play. I could daydream regardless of when and where I was; I simply could not sleep straight because of this: only when my mind went exhausted faded the fantasy.

At older age I created complex plots in my mind switching between roles representing my mood. A mix of action/comedy/romance from randomly normal living scenes to intensely fantasised act. My family called me a heavy dreamer, my mom often joked 'Again my daughter disappeared to the other world in the middle of the dinner' cos I could just routinely eat while my eyes went off-focus as my mind deepened itself in its own realm. Of course they never knew where my imagination truly lied upon although they got amused by my sudden laughter or subsequently weird facial expression. I once asked my friends if they ever did that and they all sort of laughed, 'Having fun with imaginary friends, ey?'.('I actually am. With LOADS of them'). I tried to deter it from being ignited, had to distant myself from any possible catalyst (drama, comic book, celebrity crush etc) but meh.

However, although it is called a disorder, I find this type of mental entertainment helps e.g during depression: I can turn on the music and immediately escape to my perfect kingdom. Plus I can obtain an enormous stock of creativity thanks to my off-track daydreams which helps me in various artistic tasks. Undeniably this habit also distracts me a lot and I know I'm wasting my time but I could not depart myself from it. It's too wonderful and addictive to get out.

And I thought I was being a kid, not knowing this is actually a disorder until now. A weird feeling arises.

RedSmile RedSmile 18-21, F 5 Responses Dec 28, 2012

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I have MD too. I'm looking to write a book on my own experiences as well as others. Please let me know if you'd ever like to chat about it.

I can completely relate

I was smiling in the shower like an idiot and was there for a half an hour, weaving a story. I just realized my daydreaming was going out of hand. As fun as it is, I don't think it's healthy that I'm overdoing it.

I can deffo relate as my mates notice as well and I have to lie like hell and I cant tell anybody as
everybody already knows I am weird I get funny looks, ignored and the skinny popular kids look down their noses at me uptight *******

Hey sorry for late rep but yea I know what you meant. Friends are normally pressured to 'stay cool' hence become ignorant/act disgusted against other's oddity but I hope you can stand out by your own way and hey, we have our whole kingdom to escape to anytime!

Your story was awesome :) I can relate to what you're saying

Sorry for my late reply and I'm glad you do, because I could never imagine someone else shared the same experience like this with me!