How I Reduced My Potential By Daydreaming

i started daydreaming at the age of 4 years. I was very lonely and sad then. Mainly because i was put to a hostel then. Kids are not usually friendly that time and i was very lonely. When a bird flew in front of me, i imagined it in my head in different colors and sizes. It was fun then. My dreaming got exaggerated after being introduced to media such as books, TV etc. In my dreams i was always the lead. Very beautiful, intelligent and solving all the problems and leading a perfect life. This had a huge impact on my real life. I started withdrawing from the society, my self esteem blown and started developing anxiety. I am very shy and not comfortable speaking to people at all.I time i have face a hard situation i deviate my mind and get lost in my dream world. Sometimes i feel sad that my life is not like the ones in my dreams. I dream even while writing my exam papers as a result of which i failed to see many questions. I have had headaches after dreaming .Even after lying down it takes me almost one hour to fall asleep. My performance dropped and this got me worried a lot  I used to spend hours studying and my results not up to the mark as i spent half the time daydreaming.  So i looked up the internet. I have never spoken of my problems to others and it is a huge relief that i have company. I hope to benefit from this group.
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I am exactly the same. The TV and books make it worse and my school work is suffering BIG TIME! do you know if there is anything that can cure this because I used to like it but I know it is getting way out of hand. I keep thinking that it will die out when I get a boyfriend but I don't have one and it is getting worse. I am relieved that this group is up on here