Overactive Imagination- Definatly

this is probably the best day of my life discovering that I am not the only one with this problem but there has to be some way to get back to normal life PLEASE!! It is getting out of hand and is starting to scare me and there are very few times when i know that what i am dreaming is fake.

Please help me i am only 15.

I have been daydreaming for years now and am sure i suffer from maladaptive daydreaming. There is no way I can tell anybody though everybody thinks I'm weird as it is.
It gets in the way of everything. it distracts me at school i sit in class and just dream and this is my GCSE year so i really need help can this be solved without having to see a therapist.

it is all based on Tv programmes and their characters. I hate who I am and in my head I look like Karen Gillan with the accent and everything. It is bad especially with Doctor who, Torchwood, Primeval and supernatural in my head all the characters are linked with me in the centre.

It started because my dad does not treat me right at all. He never treats me like a person. The stress of living with a bastard like him made me ill and I spent 3 weeks off school with him having a go all the time. He only treated me right for a while after I told people at school and he was called in at the pastoral care office, it lasted about a week then he was back to normal.

I just want to be able to watch TV without my mind suddenly whizzing off and trying to fit the plot of the programme in with my dream life where I am loved, brave, pretty, confident and can look after myself. when somebody on TV dies in my dream head I start crying acting as if it was someone I knew personally please help
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Hi YoungDreamer. Its far better to have a good imagination than to bore other people to sleep! I know far too many people like that. Had real difficulties with my Dad too when I was young and that led me to be a bit of a dreamer. But I turned it around and decided to use that anger to make me more determined to make sure that nothing he did would get to me any more. I didnt want to give him the satisfaction. Don't worry lots of people day dream. Im 34 and still do it a bit. People in work keep asking me why Im smiling....

Its actually a gift to have such a wonderfully vivid & lucid imagination. I get that you're using it as an escape from reality & its kinda addictive too. Maybe set yourself some timeout each day where you give free reign to your fantasising....then when you start to think of something & its not time....just give it a brief moment to register it then tell your mind you'll think about it later becuz now its real time.....kinda like looking at a book title/description but not reading it there & then but keeping that for the right time

My dear young dreamer,

I do understand your worry. Every one dreams. Some people live in dream world to be happy. To feel better in moments of feeling low. Well..dreaming to boost our hard work is not wrong...but escaping into dream is not an answer.
Hmm lets sit back and think logically -
When you dream to escape the real world :
How long can you dream ? few mins. ?
Your joy is for few mins - right ?
Then you are back into real world.- Right?
This is not going to solve the problem
You are going to feel more sad and
believe in things that are not real.
Does this solve your problem ?
Now lets think of a situation when you dont dream but face reality..
You will feel sad
Then you might want to get away from that sadness
Then you will begin to think - how ?
your thoughts will become action
action means bringing joy to reality
You will try new things to bring greater joy into your life
A new person in created in you.

darling...God has given you a beautiful life. He has created this beautiful world for you to enjoy. Look at the birds animals and all the people around you, look at the president of the country...every one has challenges (hurdles) in life. Its our choice to jump over them and complete our duties in a rightful manner and reach our destination in peace. Challenges pain are temporary...only. If you thrive on them it becomes permanent. It can be dad who throws challenges on your plate today tomorrow it can be someone else...win over the challenges with love and peace in heart. ....spread it in everyones heart. You will be a big success. The only way to do this is controlling your thoughts and thinking positive.
Try meditation, try board games that need focus, play physical games like tennis, swimming etc straighten yourself up and then watch T.V ...
You are sure a winner ..Good luck