My Life As A Daydreamer

I never knew there was a real name for this. Not until I found this recently and looked at others expierences.
I started daydreaming when I was about five. I got so lost in the powerpuff girls, I wanted to join in too. So I did, inside my head. And I could go there whenever I wanted.
Eventually, the story lines changed and now I my fantasies differ in my mood. I have a few plot lines I run in my head.
It is difficult. I struggle everyday with focusing, I don't even wanna go to school any more so I can sit at home and live in my head.
The problem? I don't want to stop doing this, I LOVE my world in my head. So much, I don't think I could ever stop.
Anyone else similar to this?
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I was like that all through high school. I wrote them all down thinking I was just gifted from god with imaginative, twisty plot stories. I thought everybody had this and wrote stories. I took my 'novels' to school one day and asked my classmates to read them. When they saw it was 200 pages, they declined. They also informed me that something was wrong with me if I sit around and do nothing but write stories, and they told me that I was the only one who does this. I was made a target and treated horribly. That was 1984- 1989 when there was no justice for people being bullied and no such thing as zero tolerance. so you can just imagine how much of a hell my life became very quickly.

even I don't feel like going to school Id rather daydream than study for my exams

Dear yesaboutlife
It is easy for others to say and there is definately no problem with daydreaming but it is serious when it becomes an addiction. When every single second of your life you are somewhere else, speaking to someone fictious, when these daydreams eat your present, when you know that tomorrow is an exam and you are pacing here and there speaking dialogues to noone. Knowing that your family members think of you as someone mad , the hurt when someone refuses to acknowledge what u are trying to say especially friends and family....

and it is too magical to write.. you cannot even find the right words to put your story onto the page..
you cannot letgo because ultimately it is your creation. it pains a lot to see your personal world die where you are god.

Why stop day dreaming? Sounds like you could be a writer. Investigate creative avenues that will allow you to capitalize on your tendency to day dream.

I've often thought about it. Or acting because I'm so good t putting myself into a new character.

I write. For years I wrote, joined contests, wrote plays and time period peices. I never knew that what I was writing was daydreams. I did notice that none of my stories ever had an end. They were always to be continued because each time i had an ending they'd come back and continue. I have one that has volumes like an encyclopedia.

At one point I stopped writing because I was too tired. They came into my dreams and started acting out there. I could not escape them. So I had to go back and finish writing them out. eventually it changed scenes, charachters and time periods but i was attached to them.