When i was younger, i had terrible nightmares. My mom would tell me, "Imagine you are in a place you are happy and feel safe." That's where it started. Before bed everynight, i couldn't wait to imagine a new story, a new character. When i was younger it was mainly super powers, and animals. As i got older, my life became more stressful. My brother got addicted to drugs. I became attached to people easily, and they of course would leave.
Around 8th grade, i got into a bad relationship. I couldnt understand what had happened. I repeated the whole relationship over and over again. Soon i couldnt tell what was real, did i make it up? I started to daydream more, i would create a better me. I was social when i was younger. However, as i went to highschool i became annoyed with people who would disrupt my alone time to day dream.
I like to meet people, but i dont put in the effort to become close with them. I spend extra time day dreaming. I can't watch a movie without getting lost in my head.
I know the difference between reality and fantasy. I am awake most of the time when i am with my boyfriend. I am happy with him. With everything else, i rather fantasize. I stare off in classes, i look like i am paying attention. But I'm not. I am somewhere else completely. I worry my excessive day dreaming will cause future issues..
lovelytripping lovelytripping
18-21, F
Jan 24, 2013