Stories Are Running Out

I don't know if this has happened to anyone. My MD world have always been about the tv shows and cartoons. I won't go into much detail. I had created additional characters of my own with completely new faces and new story line and now my MD has grown into much like a novel where here are new characters with new faces(which do not exist in reality) and breathtaking story. In short I had many MD worlds and many stories. but now I am bored with them and I have no story left to daydream about. This is causing much irritation inside me as MD is one of the integral part of my life and its absence is annoying. I am just replaying some of the old stories.
Has this happened with anyone else.
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3 Responses Jan 25, 2013

yes it has, it really annoyed me but then i would try and repeat certain stories from ages ago and that sometimes helped as i could change the course of the story from there.
now though ill download a new song or something i havent listened to a while,(songs are the best to start of my mdd as they create the mood and atmosphere) then i try and create a new story that mirrors a similar storyline from tv or a film until it starts to take off into my crazy world again where all kinds of stuff happens!
sometimes though a change of location and perhaps an introduction of a new character or one from the past can help quite a lot, bcoz then you use your fav characters and chose their reactions and stuff to these new ones, its rather entertaining and trust me the more awkward the situation the better bcoz you then also get to develop the characters in your head even more. :)
for instnce in mine it was me living with my godfather who was apparently childless, in america after it got boring we moved to kensington in london, and his ex girlfriend introduced him to his 22yr old son, they didnt have anything in common not looks or habits, my gdfther thought he was a pain but blood is blood and me an his son were constantly fighting! we ended smashing through glass windows without a scratch on us and accidently blowing up my gdfthers ferrari in some weird chemisry experiment. weird i know but it was great fun deffo kept me entertained in my geography lesson :D

Yes, this has definitely happened ... all too often, I am afraid. That's why I have many season box sets of shows I grew up with. I tend to go through dream myself into their world during the events of that season...until I just finish. Then I move onto the next show/book/movie/etc. Eventually I come back to the earlier ones....rinse, repeat. You know, I'm surprised I'm reading a post like yours at all. I've noticed that my daydreams have changed a great deal over the years. I can't really imagine myself as younger (juvenille) like I did during my teenage/twenties. Now I seem to see things through the eyes of the adults in the tv shows I used to watch as a child instead of the child actors...and my daydreams play out accordingly now. Boy, I really hope I won't have to daydream about being a retiree when I'm old! You are definitely not alone.

I know what you mean! For me, my inspiration comes from movies, or novels. There isn't one set 'world' that I daydream about. I hop around from one to the next, depending on my mood. Sometimes, the 'world' will run its course, and then I'll be bored with it. If I don't have anything new to jump into, I get frustrated, because then I have to 'recycle' older plots. Since I don't have one specific 'world', I'll just branch out and find something new to inspire me. I'll hit up a Redbox when I'm done with grocery shopping, and rent a new movie (super cheap!). I'll borrow a movie or two from a friend, or go to the library and check one out. Sometimes, I'll find a plot that really interests me, and that can be the source for material for a couple weeks. Sometimes, it's only a day or two. I have been able to take inspiration from certain novels.

I understand your irritation. It's very frustrating to be bored with the same 'world'. It's like have a full bookshelf of things you've already read three times over. You can pick something out, but it's just not as fun. There are a lot of independent writers online that publish their stories for free, maybe you could get some inspiration from them? If you haven't been to the theaters in awhile, maybe it's time to treat yourself! I feel your pain for finding new material...good luck!