Sensitivity-does It Happen To Anyone?

Whenever I read or hear a news which upsets me or is not what I expected, I try to mould it my way by the help of daydreams. In my country women are not at all safe. I keep hearing dozen rape cases and abuse case everyday and so it has created a lot of anxiety in me because I am a young girl myself. lso flesh trade is also very prevalent.
The other day I saw such an episode of flesh trade on TV and it has be anxious for days together Untill I took help from MD. It is as if I am trying to solve the problems in my mind that is why my MD world is free of all crimes, I see myself eradicating the troubles of my country. My favorite MD character is also a girl which I have created myself, though she lives in another century I have made her very strong and perfect- something which I am not. When I saw the flesh trade episode on TV I quickly created a scenario in which My MD character punishes a pimp and brings flesh trade to end and this satisfied me a lot.

When I read infidelity stories on the net, any unfair child support amount for example or any other thing which is unfair I try to correct it. For example Other woman getting so much money while wife and children suffer, when I heard this, I quickly implemented a law in my MD world correcting this that the other woman would get no money etc etc.

I know all this is not for my age as I am a student not even married, but just because it is unfair, my mind is preoccupied with it. This may happen partially because I m a libra.

My MD has grown to be a defense mechanism to avoid any unpleasant feelings. It kept me away from pain when my grandparents died or when my mother had an operation by not letting my conscious mind realize the seriousness of the occasion.

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1 Response Feb 1, 2013

It happens with me sometimes too. My DDs include idealized versions of the world, me or others trying to change different sad/unfair events. My character has abilites I wish I had. Togeather with this I see bad situations, and my character also has problems, fails to do something or is caught unprepared. The entire plot right now is about a struggle to change things and make the universe a better place for its inhabitants.

It seems that daydreams can also be a complex way to solve problems - creating imaginary situation and trying to see what whould happen if you did something without having to face the consequences of failing. It is also a good escape from situations or thoughts which are very hard to accept or whould hurt you emotionally.