I believe I have this too. This pretty much stemmed from when I was a child. When I was little I would love to listen to music and imagine myself singing the song and in front of people. I usually liked movement when daydreaming like being in a car and pacing. Now as I got older my daydreaming got longer and more detailed. Now I find myself doing it so often days on end. Especially on weekends when I have nothing to do I practically miss a whole day just staying in my room daydreaming and loved doing it, it made me happy. It's kinda like a stress reliever for me. My daydreams are usually of me imagining myself as a very famous and talented singer. I even picked certain songs that I liked and made an album out of it naming it and the year it came out. I picked my stage name and how I looked and acted and imagined what people thought of me. Music is the thing that mostly triggers it and even when I watch movies. After I watch a movie I can't wait to daydream. Going in my room and daydreaming is like a hobby for me, I love doing it. I'll even sometimes do it while showering, I usually think of what my autobiography would be like a E! true Hollywood story as a celeb. These daydream really inflict with my school work and part of my socialization. I much rather stay at home daydreaming than going out with friends. I find it hard to concentrate at school. And when I'm home I try to do homework but when then I think of something that triggers a daydream and I get up to pace and daydream, I can't concentrate. There's so much I have to do but I don't cause I rather daydream. I feel weird running or pacing through the house daydreaming, I feel like a wierdo.
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I feel the exact same way as you, its like the need to escape is holding you back from being successful.

Don't feel so weird. I have done most of what you have described as well. Mine though is more fantasy now :3

Hahaha don't worry I think day dreaming is normal I've been doing it since I was a child too