it started of simple daydreams. whenever I was in the car, I would always daydream about my favourite show and pretend that the show was real and I would daydream about my favourite couple from the show and stuff.

when I was 12, I singed up for this reading and writing website called wattpad and I started reading this fan fiction that was based of my favourite show the vampire diaries.

I got really hooked into this fan fiction and I felt so connected to the characters in it, especially the main character named marni. I started daydreaming about the book a lot and continuing the book through my mind.

whenever I went to bed, I would daydream marni going to bed, with her boyfriend Damon. and whenever I was shopping, I would daydream marni going shopping. in my mind, I am marni.

I felt so connected to this character from the book, that I daydreamed about it all the time.

when the writer cancelled the fan fiction , I was heartbroken, so I continued the fan fiction through my mind. im so connected to the characters in the book and my daydream, so when marni in my daydream cries, I cry. when she laughs, I laugh.

I daydream in public a lot and I would make weird facial expressions and laugh and react to things that were happening in my daydream. it was embarrassing, especially in class. we were doing exams and the class was quiet and I ended up laughing in front of everyone. because something funny was happening in my daydream.

sometimes I think if I hadn't joined the website and read the fan fiction, then I wouldn't suffer from maladaptive daydreaming. sometimes I daydream about other shows to. I get so attached to movie characters and book characters, that when the movie or book end, I continue it through my mind and daydream about it constantly.

I think I once spent 4 hours daydreaming one night.

I just get really attached to fictional characters that I continue there lives in my mind. there's like a whole other world in my mind.
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Your daydreaming is probably both caused by and causing your depression. What's bad about it is that you may never live up to your daydreams, and that may make you feel hopeless and depressed.

Me too but I wasn't diagnosed and on a much lesser scale