This has been an issue ever since I was about 7. One night, I couldn't sleep and I was bored, so I made up a story about a girl on a pirate ship with her little minions, that took the shape of coloured gummy bears. The stories I made up in my head every night were always changing. One day it'll be about Pokemon, the next, it'll be about shopping at Forever 21 with my imaginary friends.

Eventually, these little daydreams went into the daytime. I'd zone out during class, on the way to and from school, etc. When I became 13, I realized that it's become an issue. And now I'm nearly 14, and it's been an issue, and it hasn't gotten better.

I've pretty much daydream whenever I'm not doing anything else, and when I'm bored, I'll go into a room and pace and daydream. On the bright side, it's a good calorie burner.

I've become so attached to these daydreams, that it's painful when I acknowledge the fact that they'll never come true. Plus, I'll be walking around smiling to myself because of the story going on in my head, and I'll look insane. D: I hate that. And also, I live in my head so much that reality easily gets overwhelming. AND, I live in my head so much that if you give me a sheet of paper with my name on it, I'll stare at it going, "that's me... that's my name" because seriously, it's as if I don't recognize that name anymore. It doesn't feel like my name. In fact, I feel like a nobody. But that might just be a separate issue.

Even right now, my head is kinda in the clouds. xD
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I have MD, too. My daydream character has the same name as me, so I've never had a "wow that's my name" moment. However, sometimes I experience something rather similar. My character looks human but is actually an alien. My daydreaming about being this different species that I made up has gotten to the point where whenever I'm in a crowd of people, it feels almost they actually are a different species from me, almost like humans are the aliens now. I have "wow that's my species" moments.

At one point, my character also had the same name as me, but I still had that feeling. It's probably because the person that's supposed to be me in my head is so different to the real me. should tell me about this, it sounds facinating

Well, what more do you wanna know? o.o

Idk like is it constant?

What do you mean "constant"? o.O It's been happening since I was 7.

Is it a constant day dream, running on in your head?

Yeah, something like that. It's pretty difficult to explain.

I can imagine so. Is it like weirddddd?

What do you mean weird?? D:

For you, I mean. Do you ever have like weird day dreams?

But what do you mean by "weird"? o.o

Any that you find strange

Welllll... I'm not too sure how to answer that question. o.o I guess not?

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I did that a lot when I was younger, and still do something. I wish the world was a certain way, or fantasy was actually a thing. It would make life so much more interesting and exciting and enjoyable!


I do this too. Sometimes I love being able to escape from reality and I love my characters and the feeling I get from it, but other times it just gets a little to much and I feel like slamming my head against the wall.

I feel the same way when I see my name written down or when someone calls me by name. It feels surreal, odd... like it doesn't truly belong to me.
So In my daydreams I have renamed myself.
Have you tried writing down your daydreams and making stories of them?

Same here. Nope, I haven't tried that... How might that help?

Won't stop the daydreams but some people like to write stories based on them as a way to turn it into something creative, so that you're at least being productive.